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Good afternoon everyone, my name is Michael. My talk today is on renting a house.
Now I am going to talk about the plan.
First, I would like to present the process of renting a house step by step. In order to make it clear, I will show some slides when I am talking.
Second, at the end of my presentation, I will answer your questions.
Ok, (let’s begin.)
As we all know, sometimes we have to think about moving for some reasons. It’s often for (the sake of) convenience. But sometimes it’s not easy to shortly find a good accommodation. Most of time, I had to do a lot of preparation first.
The first important step was to set up certain conditions such as location and rent which I expected. By following these conditions, I could only get the useful and suitable rent information and shorten the time as well.
After I set up the conditions, the second step was to find out the ways to collect the rent information in accordance with the conditions. When I started to look for an accommodation in Hornsby, I collected the information from two main sources. One is from the newspaper,(ppt—- see here, there are lots of rent information in this paper, especially on Saturday , in the paper, all the rent information are divided by locations, so it’s quite easy to get the information relative to Hornsby.) Another source is from internet, I could find out many renting websites by Google. So I browsed these property websites to get information there. In the website, I only needed to import key words which I wanted, and computer will search the results automatically. (So if I type Hornsby, and press search, you see there is a lot of information coming out.)
Ok, now assuming I collected 10 pieces of information, so the third step was to compare them. There were lots of aspects to compare such as transport, environment and the style of the structure. I could use Google map to check if the place was close to school, shopping centre and station. Sometimes I couldn’t get enough information from the rent advertisement, so I would get it by phone. After comparison, I would choose 2 or 3 houses which I thought were good and then I would make appointments to view these accommodations by myself.
So the fourth step was to view the accommodation. During the fourth step I would pay attention to some particular factors in each house. I really care about specific things such as cleanness, sounds, room aspect, internet and kitchen environment to make sure all the functions were running well. If everything was good, I would ask the owner about the contract in detail such as bonds, available time and rental duration. Meanwhile, it’s a good time to negotiate the rent to the owner. Normally, it’s often to get 10% off by negotiating. After the contract was made, I would get the house key as well as the room key. So I could move in any time.
So that’s my entire procedure of renting a house. At this point, I am happy to answer any questions.
All right. Thank you for your attention.

我成立后的条件,第二步是要找出如何收集的条件按照租金的资料。当我开始寻找在霍恩斯比住宿,我收集了来自两个主要来源的信息。一个是从报纸,简介(ppt —-看到这里,有租金本文很多资料,特别是上周六的文件,所有的租金资料是由位置划分,因此它很容易获取信息相对于霍恩斯比。)另一个来源是从互联网,我可以找出许多租房网站由谷歌。所以我浏览这些网站,以获得财产的资讯。在网站上,我只需要输入我想要的,和电脑会自动搜索关键词的结果。 (所以,如果我型霍恩斯比,然后按搜索,您看到有大量的信息出来。)

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